Back Pain Problems – Do’s and Don’ts

Back pain is one of the most common health complaints. It is considered that about every person in the world suffers from it, at least once in a lifetime, it could be mild to crucial, few cases are chronic problems and others are temporary.

Back pain problems can be experienced at point along with the spine, in particular the lower spot as it takes largely of the weight and stress. along ordinary causes are injure or ligament injury or spasms arise when the ill-treated muscle knots up as part of the body’s make an attempt to immobilize it to stop additional damage. Further causes of back pain include osteoporosis, arthritis, a slipped disc, or even excessive gas. Beside that, there are more severe causes like tumors, diabetes or kidney malfunctions.

Who holds responsibility for it, your lifestyle?

In fact, one of the important reason and that is fully up to you to avoid back pain problem is your lifestyle. Although, back pain can play havoc if you are obese, but even it is found in slimmer people and some of the reasons for back pain include inappropriate postures whilst sitting and sleeping, and some sort of carelessness while walking or playing or stretching not to point out lifting heavy weight etc.

But, between all these reasons, bad posture is the biggest culprit. This is particularly true when you’re going to sit on your computer for hours and not taking care of your posture. It might also be possible that every so often we stretch ourselves too fast without warming up our body. It also happens while watching TV or reading something that we sometimes slip into uncomfortable positions.

Studies shows that chairs with gaps at the lower back level are fatal, avoid them as much as you can. Even though some people have sophisticated ‘ergonomically’ designed chair but sometimes we lean forward in such a way that their lower back remains unsupported as it moves away from the chair base.

The best possible remedy is to get up and walk around as much as you can!

If you are sitting anywhere for longer period of time it means that dangerous pressure develop along the back as studies shows that the load on your back is very high when you are sitting and it is less when you are standing and when you sleep it’s the best comfortable position for your back.

The best to avoid back ache is to get up and walk around for at least 10-15 minutes, whenever you find time. Even when you’re driving don’t forget to stretch your limbs at least after 2 hours and make sure that the back of your car seat should be around 30 degrees with the seat bottom tilted up slightly in front to support your back.

One more thing to avoid back pain is by avoiding use of high heels as they play havoc as per your body’s posture by hurting back, feet and neck. As you might have noticed that when you wear high heels the feet and legs are in very uncomfortable position and our feet are not able to bear the entire weight of the body in a natural way as most of the pressure is transferred to the front of the foot.

There is another reason which is root cause of almost all the diseases and that is stress. Scientific studies reveal that back pain can be a psychosomatic disorder as stress or emotional imbalance can cause back pain. The best and effective way to deal with this situation is through Yoga and meditation.

Sometimes weaker stomach muscles also create back pain. To avoid this situation, exercise regularly as it keeps your joints mobile, conditioned them in proper way and it helps to raise your pain threshold.

Last but not the least, exercise regularly but never over-exercise as it seems sometimes that if you joined some poorly training gym instructor or yoga teacher would be a cause of back pain.

The most important things to avoid back pain is by walking whenever you find time. Regular exercise or yoga and keep yourself stress free would definitely help you.

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